10 Things to Do With Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

December 7, 2011

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Ahh bless him. Revisit David
Sshwimmer (Nov.2) and his Friends

Oh my goodness – I do try not to get in a fritz about Mercury Retrograde. Indeed I laugh in the face of the doom mongers telling you not to move a muscle for weeks.


Here’s what has happened in the past week or so. I have lost my mobile phone, nearly cut my thumb off (OK nicked it but it was with a chainsaw), two of my child’s school books have just vanished, two people whom I used to know a lifetime ago cropped up oddly, I’ve had my comments fixed and then found they still do weirdness…

There are only a few more days to go to do those Mercury Retrograde tasks. The planet of mischief and patron of thieves goes forward again on the 13th. There’s some extra energy in the whole Merc Rx thing because Mars, the action planet, is going through Mercury’s own sign of nit-pickery, Virgo, so take advantage and revise, review, rethink, rework.

I’m guessing you’ve been going over old paperwork, getting in touch with old friends and fixing your bow and arrow, so here are some more ideas for how to while away the next six days of mayhem.

  1. Fall off the wagon – resoundingly. Splash. Better yet, wake up the next morning with no recollection of what took place.
  2. Give a history lecture – preferably on a subject you have studied before. If you do it on something new, it may be a bit of a flop.
  3. Deeply revise a subject. I am reading a book about Mesopotamian astrology. From the Omens of Babylon: Astrology and Ancient Mesopotamia (1994) by Michael Baigent. Even better for Merc Rx. it’s out of print. 
  4. Harpo, another Sag, Nov 23
  5. Read an encyclopaedia of anything. Because I’m an astrology nerd, I’m reading up on Dark Moon Lilith – and in perfect MercRx way, noticing how she helps explain some sticky situations a long time ago.
  6. Go to a very grand religious ceremony – e.g. high mass – especially if you haven’t been in a long time or if you’ve never been. 
  7. Retract anything stupid you’ve said in the last month. It’s not too late.
  8. Bore your friends with a series of long-winded anecdotes. While you listen to the words burble out of your mouth, feel mild surprise.
  9. Hold a nostalgia party – e.g. Austerity Christmas – for which everyone has to bring something ridiculous
  10. Make do and get someone else to mend it.
  11. Slob around watching old episodes of Friends or Marx Brothers movies.

Things to Do


Dido said:

I think that is a picture of me at my birthday party this weekend, not Harpo. It’s hard to imagine how any of us reached this point, and that look. XX D


Christina said:

You are much cuter, but I can see the hairdo is rather familiar. Bet he couldn’t make bronze pigs either.


P said:

You want things going fritzy? How’s this: I was drilling 3 holes in a wall with a metal drill-bit into wood, after measuring. The second hole was off-level; so had to re-do; the drill-bit broke whilst drilling teh third hole.


Christina said:

Watch those fingers, P.


Alan said:

This made me LOL….. P – for me that would be an unusually successful session with the drill


Christina said:

@Alan, yes, I’ve been watching eyes glaze over and hitting the bottle. Quite amusing really, if you don’t mind losing your dignity every now and then.


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