George Harrison: Water Boy

November 23, 2011

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George: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus in water signs.
Marty: Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter in water signs.

“Who’s your favourite Beatle?”

When I’m feeling difficile I like to reply Yoko Ono, but the truth is, for me, it’s always been George. 

Why? I’ve never really thought too hard about it before; the point is to answer instinctively. The Beatles offer a clutch of archetypes.

Ringo, the kind childlike joker. (Cancer Sun)
Cheeky, clever Peter Pan Paul. (Gemini Sun)
Angry peace warrior John. (Libra Sun)
And moody George, the seeker. (Pisces Sun)

By answering that question you reveal something about yourself. Me, I like moody seekers.

I loved this film about George, because it is beautifully made. But also because it’s not your usual biopic with nerdy dissection of influences and recording sessions. Instead it asks the questions George must have asked himself.

What do you do with incredible fame? 
What do you do when you have all the money you’ll ever need?
What is the point?

He answered those questions more intelligently and sensitively than most of his contemporaries. And you can see from his chart with its complex interweaving of aspects that those answers would never be simple.

Here’s a thought for you. The Beatles broke up when George was 27, the same age  that the following musicians died: Kurt Cobain, Amy Weinhouse, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin. That was his first Saturn Return. On his second one, he was called to a better place and transiting Jupiter was one degree from his natal Jupiter.

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Vesta said:

George is my favourite too – but I think it’s because he’s the prettiest!


EJ said:

John – stroppy, damaged, heroic. Great chart too. You should post it.


Jackie T said:

George has always been The Man for me. And the significant men in my life all have Scorpio Moon! I remember reading that he rectified, or had his chart rectified, to Scorpio asc, but I can’t remember where I read it or the details. I thought the film was absolutely wonderful, and I love your summing up, of the important questiosn which he set out to answer.


Isy Aweigh said:

Also the air trine, suggesting his intellectuality. I’d heard he had an air trine, but I didn’t know it was so close to the earth signs.

I never could pick a favorite Beatle. John had it by a short head at times, as his musical craftsmanship was so superb, but I liked them all best when they were together 🙂


Christina said:

@Jackie – this chart has an A Rodden rating for what it’s worth.

I did hesitate on the Scorpio/Libra thing because of his intense look. But I figured that the Moon Rising so close to the ASC in Scorpio would be enough to give him that glare – and an important component of his persona (life story) is as the catalyst/peacemaker.

But if you do remember where that info is, tell me


Sombra said:

Hard to say, usually it was Paul. He is fun! George and John make you search deeper. But yeah all of them together: magical. I have their charts, because months ago I was looking for neptune in the charts of musicians. Actually Paul has a powerful neptune, Conj ASC and the most aspected planet.

Lovely post…btw


Morvah said:

George for me too ~ what a great chart, lots to read there! I loved the film, thanks for posting…


Locus Beatus said:

In fact George rectified his chart to give him a tob just before midnight, which resulted in a Libra Asc, rather than the previously accepted Scorpio Asc.

Happy 70th Birthday George, wherever your spirit is in the ether


Christina said:

Actually that makes more sense than the Scorpio since he was so very uxorious.


sara strand said:

George Harrison was incredibly famous and loved.How can it be that on line many astrologers state he’s born on2/24 when billions people know he was born on FEBRUARY 25 ’43! I’M SHOCKED.Of course you got it right,but can you please inform the WEB about this incredible mistake?! We’ll be grateful! Thanx


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