Mark Rothko: Painting God

October 20, 2011

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Mark Rothko (September 25,1903) 

Sun, Mercury and North Node in Libra. 
Is one expression of Libra the erasure of ego? A reflection of the viewer

Moon in Scorpio 
Profound emotion

Jupiter in Pisces 
Encountering endless compassion

Venus in Virgo 
Artistic skill

Saturn in Aquarius 
Avant garde

artists, Libra


Opal said:

Painting God indeed. I love his work, never realised he had a Scorpio Moon but it fits perfectly. He stripped away everything extraneous till he reached the pure essence of colour itself. Hah. Excellent 🙂


Christina said:

One of the most mind-boggling shows I’ve ever seen was a huge Rothko retrospective in DC many years ago.


Isy Aweigh said:

Sorry I missed that show.

A few blobs of color shouldn’t make the head explode with a new sense of the potential of existence. But there it is.


latifa said:

BAAAM!! this is tantric color…tuned in to elemental energy…Thanks again, Christina, for your artful posts attuned to the moment!


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