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October 17, 2011

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Some people are emblems of their Sun sign. These three women all have Libra Sun, but more than that they have Libra at a critical angle of the chart.

Venus, the goddess of beauty, rules Libra.
Catherine Zeta Jones
Brigitte Bardot – Sun Libra, Libra MC
Catherine Zeta Jones – Sun Libra, Libra MC
Kate Winslet – Libra Sun, Libra Asc
Kate Winslet

goddess, Libra, Venus


P said:

I’ve just noticed that the Librans seem to have very ‘balanced’ faces.


Christina said:

@hi P – yeah that’s true.

Every sign has it’s own way of being beautiful.

As well as having really sexy lips, I think the eyebrows and the hips (not that you can see them in these pix) are rather like sets of scales!

Your remark did send me to Grace Kelly’s chart. V. scorp – but with Venus in Libra


Cosmic Mummy said:

An interesting website on this subject is Individuals have submitted headshots of themselves and the photos are layed out in astrological groupings, Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign. I am in there somewhere and it is interesting to see similarities between people.


Christina said:

Thanks for that astromummy. I’m going to look at double libras now – and as for my people (scaly and hairy!)


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