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September 27, 2011

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Planets, as you know, have both positive and negative characteristics. The important thing to remember is that they do not necessarily reflect our own moral values.
Yesterday this chap Alessio Rastani gave an interview that rather shocked some people. Take a look at this clip
I think he comes across as an avatar of Mercury with a warning from Pluto. He certainly feels like a messenger to me, but is he telling the truth or is he simply here to spread a little fear?
What do you think?

economy, Mercury, Pluto


Anonymous said:

I think he’s the sinister face of Mercury – actually kind of charming, but at the same time sinisterly heartless.

As for his message – I am shaking in my shoes


jess said:

Is there a birth time for this dude?


saturnjourney said:

there are people who are book smart

and there are people who are street smart

and there are people who are both, that`s wall street smart

first things is that treasury bonds aren`t safe, the Central Bank of each country prints out money of thin air, gives it to the government and says “now you owe me more money” the difference is called inflation

you want something that`s more safe

try gold, silver, platinum, can`t go wrong with them

what you have shared with us, that is actually a very common tactic applied on the stock market

when there`s a bubble, they give prognostics so naive people will start investing in the stock market, thinking it`s a casino

trouble is, these guys already know more about this “hedging” than you do, they`ve been doing it for years, so you are handing your money over them with 10 minutes of trading experience

ummm, if your broker fails you, you still owe him money, lots of money, you can`t pay him, he can force you through law, he failed to mention that ๐Ÿ˜€

by the way look at this

@jan.13. 2010 the end is `nigh

what happened?

small nothing, stuff got covered as allways

and before that another guy said almost a contrary in dec of 2009

keep in mind

bbc is nothing more than another tv station, if they want to raise the amount of viewers they need to scare them




but there are other ways too


so if you want to increase your rating, it`s about primal emotions, fear, lust

thanks for the video, I had a really good laugh watching it

you know financial analysts and traders should eat more fiber, because they tend to be full of … constipation

wanna see an ex-trader???

here you go ๐Ÿ˜€

meet the wolf of wall street

learn from his mistakes and apply this ๐Ÿ˜€

and stop watching tv ๐Ÿ˜€

no personal attacks on my behalf ๐Ÿ˜€

I think astrology has to do more with philosophy ๐Ÿ˜€


Christina said:

@jess – according to his Facebook profile it’s june 20th – ha ha – a gemini indeed.

@saturnjourney – thanks for the cool contribution and the links. I enjoyed your last one to the Austrian economics guy.

But I think you misunderstood me a bit. I wasn’t particularly suggesting we all rush off and invest with this bloke – or even that he’s right.

To me astrology is about people and how certain types of energy work through us. Understanding astrology helps us to figure out how to work with that energy.

Part of this is recognising, in real life, planetary energy when you see it. Not just studying charts and having abstract theories.

I think this guy personifies a rather pure archetype – at least in this clip. He exemplifies the archetype of the trickster, which is one of the faces of Mercury. To me he even looks like Mercury.

The thing that made me laugh at this guy was when he said protect your assets. Most of us don’t have those – we have debt.

PS I don’t have a TV. This broadcast went viral because the newscaster was so gobsmacked.

Please keep commenting saturnjourney – your contributions much appreciated. I have a Gemini Moon, so conversation helps me think!!


Sabrina said:

I think he’s onto something. The fear factor has being going on for a while, maybe he is also using it, but he makes few valid points. Yup, pluto talking through mercury here, most definitely.

The price of metals just dropped quite a bit, btw.


Christina said:

@Sabrina – I think so too – but I take it with a pinch of salt. What a character though.


Persephone said:

Thank you for posting this.

I’ve felt for some time, now, that our governments are actually plutocracies. This gentleman has simply reinforced that particular opinion. I’m finding the action of Uranus and Pluto combined in revealing the hidden sludge of our economic system fascinating.

I guess that I’m hoping that Pluto in Capricorn will result in a transformation of our wobbly, corrupt and chaotic system with something a little more Uranian and humanitarian, just as long as the resistant religious right can be kept away for it…………


Christina said:

@Persephone – yesterday, when this interview took place, Mercury (in Libra (interviews)) was approaching an opposition to Uranus and a square to Pluto.

Go figure.


Christina said:

The other thing that is very Mercurial about this guy is that he is using this platform (a news show) to tout for business. Never miss an opportunity!


saturnjourney said:


when the guy said Goldman Sachs rules the world that`s product placement ๐Ÿ˜€

aka renegade marketing, create histeria, than tell`em GS is so powerfull, that it`s above it ๐Ÿ˜€

the show Top Gear is product placement for cars, but they entertain, other type of emotional buzz

you know when an actor pulls out a certain type of cellphone or drinks something in a movie, that`s product placement too, especially if it`s someone like Justin Timberlake ๐Ÿ˜€

this guy got a movie on it



Anonymous said:

Like Mercury, this guy is bringing a message, and it’s one that we – the ‘little people’ – need to hear. The message is that these are the people who ultimately rule our lives, no matter how much faith we might place in Obama etc., and that basically we need to grow up, stop being servile and CHANGE the world. Every little helps to advance the world’s consciousness.


Ice Cream For Quo said:

I was hoping that this would be about Freddie Mercury.


Christina said:

@Anonymous – too right. And part of the message was this thing is a cancer, ignore it and it’ll eat you up – we do need to change. That’ll be the Uranus then.

@Oh Ice Cream, did you miss the Freddie post? I did one for his birthday a while back.


Opal said:

Gotta love the guy’s absolute glee at the opportunity to make loadsamoney out of economic collapse….Gemini on steroids, methinks!

But seriously, there’s a kernel of reality in his attitude – it’s going to happen, so we may as well step up to the challenge and try to make the most of what comes, in whatever way we can, instead of running scared.


Christina said:

Since his interview there’s been a lot of speculation about this guy. It turns out he truly is a trickster. Here is what he told the Telegraph about that interview: “I’m an attention seeker. That is the main reason I speak. That is the reason I agreed to go on the BBC. Trading is a like a hobby. It is not a business. I am a talker. I talk a lot. I love the whole idea of public speaking.”

Gemini on steroids for sure – but he is on to something – that is why this went viral.


Laura said:

The U.S. dollar as a “safer” investment? I don’t buy that. I live in the U.S., and I will tell you that many people here are wondering just what our economy is based on at this time. We’ve been bleeding jobs, particularly manufacturing jobs, for many years, as multinational corporations move their factories elsewhere.

I think this guy is speaking a part of the zeitgeist. There’s a lot of fear around about global finances. But I’m not convinced he knows what he’s talking about, other than just expressing that general fear.

Of course right now in the U.S. there has been a protest going on in Wall Street for over a week, as people have become sick of the role the banks and financial markets have had in ruining our economy and demanding an economic bailout from the government that could probably have been better spent on other things. The protest is not being covered by the mainstream media here, but nevertheless, it’s getting widespread attention on social networks like facebook, and has a lot of support.


Christina said:

@Laura – there has been zero mainstream coverage of the Wall Street protest here. Kind of amazing really


Isy Aweigh said:

As it happens, I quite agree with the parts where he wasn’t just lying. I’m simply stunned that someone on TV has the balls to say it out loud, in such unmistakeable terms. Whatever else he is, he’s definitely an adrenaline junkie.

The fact that it’s pure excitation doesn’t mean it’s all balderdash. The stock market isn’t too big to fail, it’s just too big to fail gracefully. But his “advice”, as saturnjourney says, is complete nonsense, intended to lead lambs to slaughter.

Curious point though … If the US Treasury is entirely a government entity, as The Powers That Be claim it is, then — given our debt & trade issues — those bonds are nothing more than toxic debts on a whole new scale. If it’s a shell for a private international banking firm like the Rothschilds, as some researchers have proposed, then Treasury bonds make sense because the Rothschilds will do just fine whatever happens.

This is the point where buying ingots of silver and copper — not gold, which is poor dollar-per-value now, nor gems, which can be manufactured & faked — starts looking really good. AND a bit of fertile land on high ground!

It’s a bit naive to look at this global mess and think the underlying fiscal structures can survive intact. Local trade is the only predictable trade, and it doesn’t scale well.

For some hair-raising coverage on the Wall St. protest, which helps explain why it’s not being covered (may all good gods bless MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell):

Interestingly, about 100 cops have stood themselves down to protest this b.s. and there’s now some semblance of an investigation being done. Not a big moment in itself, but an important indicator of the total level of grassroots fed-the-hell-up-ness that’s going on in the US.


Christina said:

@Occupy Wall Street – actually I see the Guardian has been covering it.


Anonymous said:

You just have to shake your head. What a strange way to entertain yourself. You get an adrenaline high, and the people listening to you get….what? Totally irresponsible.

On the other hand, it can’t be pleasant to be dreaming about economic collapse every night. No wonder his brain is working overtime.

My only other point is this: someone in that newsroom selected him. What criteria did that person use? what is his/her agenda or personal viewpoint?

The anchor may be shocked, but somebody knows this guy from university or cocktails or something. The network chooses what is and is not covered. They have time for this kind of crap? It doesn’t make the BBC look good, either.


Christina said:

@anonymous – excellent point about the BBC. How did they find this guy and what were they thinking.

@Isy – thanks for the O’Donnell link – boy is he annoyed. I have had a look at the OWS website and find it curiously sinister, not to say creepy. So much so that it did make me question who is actually behind this – now look who is paranoid.


Alan said:

Oh.I like him!


barbara said:

Hi Christina

So glad you picked up on this. This guy has been on my mind since I saw the news yesterday …. what a trickster was the first thought that entered my mind when I heard him … but to be honest with you, he is a hoax. I know a few traders …. they would never talk like that …. he is a real gemini trickster, fooling us all, making us smile and hopefully making us forget him pretty soon again!


Cosmic Mummy said:

I will have to pass this on to my Body Language Analysis guy!


Christina said:

@Cosmic – I’d love to know what he says.


Cosmic Mummy said:

Apparently, his body language is spot on, no lying here. If you are interested in some of the body language guys other work, search Understanding Liars, Cheats and Happy Feet on You Tube, it is fascinating stuff!


Christina said:

Oh dear – that means he is a messenger from the gods and we really should be hiding under the bed!!


Laura said:

Well, just because he’s not lying, it doesn’t mean he’s not wrong. It just means he believes what he’s saying. But I tend to think actually that he’s right about the world financial situation being very dire. I’m just not sure he’s right about his investment advice.

@Isy – good to hear that some of the cops are standing down over the brutality that has been happening at the Wall Street protests.


Charlotte said:

This guy is fantastic! I’m Mercury ruled but I’m not bright enough to take advantage of a financial reality like this guy and others of his ilk. Very smart, very right. I appreciate his honesty.


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