Venus and Pluto: “I Have Been Half in Love with Death”

July 11, 2011

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Last winter I wrote a piece called Death and the Maiden about Venus in Scorpio. The motifs I discussed then are also relevant to the current (separating) opposition between Pluto and Venus. If you’d like to refresh your memory click here.

Pluto, Venus


Anonymous said:

Wow! This kind of freaks me out. My 16 year old daughter has Pluto conjunct Venus at 29 degrees Scorpio in her seventh house.


Christina said:

There’s nothing wrong with intensity in a chart – in fact some of us kind of like it. She must be rather mesmerising.

It’s hard not to fret about one’s offspring though – one of my daughters has a very tight Venus- Pluto opposition (though not in Scorpio). I’m already preparing myself for the biker boyfriend.

But do remind yourself we are never just one part of the chart – there’s all the other stuff to take into consideration.


Jackie T said:

One of the joys of being an astrologer parent is the awareness that our childrens’ destinies are NOT ALL OUR FAULT!! They were born with their own charts. We do not have to blame ourselves for everything.

Even if we continue to do so!


Christina said:

@Jackie T – absolutely.

It’s not all our doing – good or bad. But do you think you can mitigate potential problems or should one just go with the flow?


Opal said:

Oh, she’s lucky to have such an informed mother. Fret not. I have an almost exact Venus Pluto square and have survived numerous black leather clad musicians. I’ve actually become quite boring in middle-age:)


Anonymous said:

Oddly enough I named her Cora which means maiden well before I knew her chart or anything about astrology. She isn’t at all wild or rebellious, a capricorn sun and taurus ascendant keep her very grounded. No boyfriends yet, very focused on academics and athletics so I am just holding my breath to see where her tastes lie there.


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