Rupert Murdoch: Is He in League with the Prince of Lies?

July 6, 2011

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So News International employs a nest of snakes to run its papers. Quelle surprise!
We are in the nastier reaches of the realm of Neptune – the planet of lies.

To find out why have a look at the profile of Rupert Murdoch that I wrote in March. Click here to find it.


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Christina said:

Murdoch has just shut down the News of the World. He didn’t get where he is to day by being, as my darling Dad would say, a candyass.


Opal said:

And apparently the domain name ‘Sunday Sun’ was registered two days ago!


KrebsBaby said:

OMG! 🙂 One hell of a development, eh!


Christina said:

@Opal – We were just discussing that very thing.
@Krebs – no kidding


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