Astrology of Now: How Are You Being Robbed?

July 6, 2011

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“Why you’re nothing but a pack of cards.”
Alice solves the banking crisis

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” – Alice in Wonderland. 

One day, many years down the line, we’ll know what to label the upheaval we’re living through right now. It all began, of course, with the banking crisis back in 2008 when the planet of drains, Pluto, went into the sector of corporations. Was there a loud sucking sound as all our money just sort of vanished in a debt-hole?

We’ve been lurching along ever since, trying to stay upright and even make curtsies as we whizz down Alice’s rabbit hole. You probably know that 2012 is the year we may actually reach Wonderland (aka rock bottom, crunch time, you name it), so we have to stay upright for a whole year more if we want to land on our feet.

The banks still haven’t been transformed; banking still hasn’t been fixed. They are still robbing us. Until reform happens, we’ll just have one implosion, explosion, meltdown after another. Pluto demands reform of this sector. The world has until 2017 to get it right.

Over the next few days Venus, the planet of money, will oppose Pluto. Venus in Cancer (among other things) is associated with personal savings, family money. This is your money.

Each of us (and each country) will have these planets at a different point in the chart, nevertheless the fundamental story affects all of us. The questions about money are pretty fundamental this summer. Will the euro exist next year? Can we trust the banks? Is the dollar a hard currency any more? How little does your cash buy?

Ask yourself these questions now how is my money draining away? Inflation? Taxes? Debt? Extravagance? And how can I hang on to more of it? Under the mattress? In the bank?

This opposition will focus attention on how public policy, big corporations and financial institutions are getting hold of your cash. How are you being robbed?

Astrology of Now, Pluto in Capricorn


Christina said:

Just one more thing, my friend Q (Cancer Moon/Cancer Sun) tells me he’s just done a spreadsheet of his household bills for the past three years.

They’ve doubled. I guess he’s being robbed by inflation then


Merryweather said:

I would definitely say inflation. I keep spreadsheets too (Saturn in Taurus), and I’ve easily seen that my bills and expenses (utilities and food, in particular) have doubled over the last year, while my income has remained the same.

A year ago, I was keeping my head above water. Now, I’m sinking rapidly!


Anonymous said:

Crikey! Six more rs of being skint. Brill 😉


Christina said:

@ Merryweather – well thank goodness for people like you, because for ages the government fiddled the figures and tried to persuade us that inflation wasn’t too bad.

@ Anonymous – I’m hoping (ever the optimist) that things may gradually start to get better after 2013, but we need to sort out the whole system. And frankly I believe this could well be a watershed moment for liberal capitalism.


Mandy said:

I’ve been working and paying taxes (Canadian) since I was 16 (48 now). I had my own business for 15 years. I calculated that for just ONE of the taxes I paid to the government (GST) the grand total was about $150,000. Never mind CPP, income tax, I had to match my employees income tax X 1.4, plus equal their CPP (pension plan) payments, personal tax paid on purchases – blah blah blah. Long story short, the shit hit the fan recently and I had to go to Welfare. They are giving me $560 a month to live on (excuse me while I gag) that is supposed to cover my rent, food, car insurance and gas until I get back on my feet. If someone loans me money they will deduct it from my ‘benefits’.
$50,000 was spent last year on the G8 summit in Muskoka to make it pretty for all the bigshots. I don’t even want to know what I just spent to host Will and Kate, hope they enjoy their lobster and champagne.


merleneshedlock said:

I thought i was alone going down the plug hole, i am not alone.


Christina said:

@Mandy – $560 a month – no one can live on that.

I hope things turn a corner for you personally, because I don’t think we in the West are going to get out of this mess soon.

Here in Europe, of course, we’re busy selling ourselves to China.

@ merleneshedlock You are certainly not alone.


Alice Brown said:

I thought i am the only one worried about this, anyways, hope things get well soon. Thanks for passing along great article on Astrology…!


Isy Aweigh said:

I don’t see a survival success path that includes continuing to respect the current system. The only way to survive on the outrageously piddling benefits available to the destitute, is to accept loans and not report them.

Wouldn’t dream of doing that meself! The fact that I’m still alive is a figment of the imagination, obviously. But the caseworkers I’ve dealt with have been very nonpressing in their probing.

Christina, IS there an identifiable route to a sustainable future? Or do we really have to just wait and see what the overcoked, self-infatuated, willfully blind idiots who control the current system decide to do? My personality bias is to look for a forward path, and I don’t really see one.

BTW, I love your gift for giving much food for thought in so few bites. The image of Pluto the drain is one I’ll be chewing over for some time.


Christina said:

Draining Pluto does have a good side too – as I’ve just realised for the piece I’m working on about Murdoch’s empire.

I am like you Isy – basically forward-looking and solution-finding – but I’m not sure about how we negotiate our way through this.

One of the things that astrology teaches us is that a lot of things are just beyond our control, also one person’s solution is another person’s disaster. And conversely, we must all hang together or we will hang separately.

It’s complicated. I’m thinking about it…


Mandy said:

The only way to survive on the outrageously piddling benefits available to the destitute, is to accept loans and not report them. But the caseworkers I’ve dealt with have been very nonpressing in their probing.

Easier said than done when my rent is $800 at the moment and the landlord doesn’t accept cash. Me thinks that’s a tad too obvious, probing or not.
It’s a moot point now anyway – I just got my eviction notice on Monday, I now have a week and 3 days to find somewhere to live with my gigantic $560.
merleneshadlock: thanks for letting me know you’re in a shit hole too – I don’t feel so alone now either 😉
Ironically, my very first job was with Unemployment Canada. Within 6 months I was tagged for promotion as assistant to my department manager. I shocked everyone by quitting – even at 16 I knew I couldn’t be a two-faced creep. If I had stayed I would be retired now with a full, fat pension. Do I regret it? NO – I don’t like selling my soul.


Christina said:

@Mandy – I feel it’s a bit crass to say good luck – but I mean it. I think you are in fact having or have just had your fourth Jupiter Return, which just proves that the “greater benefic” is sometimes just greater rather than benefic.

If you’d like me to take a quick look at your transits drop me an email (click consultations on the side). I expect you have already done this yourself but sometimes it helps to have a second person look.


Katley said:

Pluto In Capricorn: The Death of Democracy in the United States

We have the best government
Money can buy
While we the people
Are being bled dry.

The tea party says
We need to spend less
While corporate plutocrats
Rake in the largesse.

©KDB 2011


Christina said:

@Katley -pithy!


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