Venus and Serena: Pluto Power

June 25, 2011

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Venus Williams (17 June 1980) born with the Sun kissing Venus, sextiling the charismatic Moon-North Node conjunction in Leo (left.

Neptune is in sporty Sagittarius directly opposite that Venus – again giving her star quality. With Pluto rising, she must have been her own worst enemy until she harnessed that Pluto power to her own game.

Serena Williams (26 September 1981, below) has had a hell of a year – and no wonder with her Sun at 3° Libra, she had a square from Pluto and an opposition from Uranus to cope with. Pluto may have had a go at killing her, but Uranus showed up to help with some hi-tech medical intervention. Oh and there’s the little matter of a Saturn Return plus Saturn touching the Sun, with Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury to come later this year and next. She’s going to come out of this stronger as a person.

That massive stellium in Serena’s house of service makes we wonder what she’ll do after quitting the tour. I think it’s going to be something good.

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Alice Brown said:

Venus certainly gives you a star quotient in some or the other way, that’s true. Thanks for the share…!!


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