Royal Wedding Astrology

April 27, 2011

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Here are previous posts I’ve written on the Royal Wedding, which you might like to peruse before the day itself.

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A general look at the day itself.

Juno Lends a Helping Hand
The marriage asteroid is deeply involved.

The Bling of Power
That ring.

Kate Middleton’s Birth Chart: Cool, Calm, Sensitive
No birth time, but you can still see a lot.

Right that’s it. My Aquarian planets are bouncing up and down.


Marriage, royals, UK


PiperAfloat said:

I’m mulling that VOC moon … What do you think of the theory that they’ll be the last English monarchs? If they’re childless (which also seems relevant to a VOC moon) would the modern Britons accept any other heir?

I can say this with some detachment from my California berth, but more importantly this is decades ahead into a time I’m not likely to see in my lifetime.

Otherwise, I love what the charts say about Kate and the country.


Christina said:

I think this may be the last of the British monarchy – in other words, the UK may well break up and reform in some way. Scotland and Northern Ireland in particular are only partially willing members of the union.

In which case they may well go republican.

I thought about the issue of children too, but I think everything else in their charts points to babies. If the worst came to the worst, Harry is the spare.

For more on the VOC moon I really recommend the Jenni Stone article linked in the Wedding Char post on 29 april. It made me think again about the whole issue of VOC moon.


Christina said:

woops – but I forgot to add that I certainly don’t think this is the last of the ENGLISH monarchy – they are far too important and useful a symbol for us in many many ways.


aya said:

perhaps we can read it as thus:
the moon/public – VOC/ineffectual,
intending to keep the public’s nose out of the affairs of this marriage.

if we look deep into the marriage chart, its obvious the date and time, 11:20 am, have been carefully selected by an astrologer with specific tasks in mind. giving william as leo and sun elevated in the MC lots of power and status, while rendering catherine very week. saturn exalted in libra is fine, perhaps meaning to place her ‘put’ in the marriage sign, Rx and opposing determined venus which is not exactly in the 10th, welll!!!!, uranus is doing nothing, saturn and uranus both in an applying T-square with Pluto, now that’s not kind!!!!

after 30 years which is a saturn return in itself, looks like the royal family is trying hard to avoid the mistakes of the past, or do they?

¤ From Skyscript
Marriage Eelections:
Moon in Pisces:
Dorotheus: The woman will be spoiled [deflowered] and will not cease wronging her husband, but it will be good in the rest of things.
Ramesey: Good; it denotes the woman to be loving and just, yet it will also cause her to be addicted to twatling and prating, which will now and then lessen the man’s love towards her.
Robson: Good. Makes the woman loving and just, though it inclines her to chattering. Occurs in the marriage of convenience.

¤ if we progress the chart, moon after void will ingress into aries, and running into a lot of trouble


Christina said:

Thanks for that aya – a lot of interesting info and insight in there.

one of the reasons it’s interesting to study the royals is that we have such precise timings for births and events.

I would love to know what dates astrologers have chosen to get married themselves – and how those marriages worked out!!


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