What Astrologers Are Saying About Chiron in Pisces

February 10, 2011

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A 19th-century wooden centaur attributed to a Mr Dines.

The planetoid Chiron, which orbits between Uranus and Saturn, was discovered in 1977 and has caused some excitement among astrologers ever since.

It takes about 50 years to make it’s way around the zodiac, which means that you will have a “Chiron Return” at around the age of 50, which, like the Saturn Return, can be a time of great reckoning. People born in the 1960s are about to experience this.

I think the meaning of Chiron is still unfolding. It’s very prominent in my own chart, but I often find that commentary on Chiron does not resonate with me. So my advice when you read up on Chiron is always take what’s said with a pinch of salt. My response is show me the evidence.

Chiron and Neptune have been locked in a soggy embrace for months now, so meanings are bound to be lost in a bit of a fog.

Remember that last time Chiron was in Pisces, we had all that hippy 60s stuff but we also had a very ugly war that scarred a corner of the world for decades. And the time before that – just WWI, in which a generation was sacrificed. I’m not predicting another war, but I would suggest that there are two sides to Chiron – the wounding and the healing.

For some more upbeat assessments of what this could mean here is what some other astrologers think.

Rick Levine in his monthly planetary round up with that other smart boy, Jeff Jawer has some interesting things to say about Chiron’s move into the oceans of Pisces.

Pat over at Real Astrologers writes with some clarity on the subject.

Joyce Mason loves Chiron and has spent a lot of time thinking about him, so she’s always worth reading on the subject. She wrote a good piece last year when Chiron popped into Pisces briefly.

For some good background on Chiron in your own chart take a look at this old post on Cafe Astrology.

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Anonymous said:

You know, Christina, this is why I read your blog. I love the ‘show me the evidence’ approach that is missing in a lot of astro-writing.

I wanted to put my 2p in regarding Chiron: the term ‘scarring’ jumped out at me (thank you for obligingly putting it in bold – I’m very visual! 🙂 ).

You see, I have Chiron in Taurus (25 degrees Taurus). Guess what? I always hated being hairy and generally never liked my appearance. Thus, I went for electrolysis for the hair, and now…. there’s scarring and dark marks on my neck. How Chiron in Taurus is that?


Christina said:

That is perfect (sorry about the scarring though), and I do appreciate a precise astro-story like that. It’s far more meaningful than a lot of new age waffle.


Anonymous said:

oh,dear. i see that i have chiron in my 5th house – along with pisces & saturn. very new to astrology but every little helps. during the cardinal cross, i journaled that i needed to build up my creative expression of self. so much easier to write than do! just have to hope that i am getting insights at the rate that i can apply them but feel pretty clueless. i suppose thats normal for someone with these placements..! lol many thanks xx


Christina said:

Chiron in the 5th plus Saturn. Do you work with children?


mary beth said:

hi from Mary Beth who is technically challenged here, thus ‘anonymous’. yes, i have almost always worked with children, focusing on learning about the environment and how to enjoy & respect it. but a few years ago, things shifted and i have been away from that angle of work. i have wondered if it would return but it may be that it comes again for all ages, rather than just youth. too soon to tell.


Christina said:

Fifth house is an interesting one and astrologers argue about it a bit. I find the creative side of the fifth is more to do creating games (in a good way) and thinking than necessarily straightforwardly making things. Fifth, in my experience, always describes your relationship with children and your own inner child (that’s the creative thing again). I’ve seen Saturn here when someone has a child with a disability quite a few times. Chiron would suggest that you have healing abilities in this vague area. I have Chiron-Saturn too by the way. I think it’s very hard to disentangle the two.


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