Astrology of now: Pay Attention to Your Dreams

November 3, 2010

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Here in Oxford, we are having an extraordinarily beautiful autumn. The leaves are lambent red and gold, yellow and bright green. The air is very still, slightly damp and shining. It is unusually warm, so the light is not crisp and sharp, but gleaming. In short it is like a dream.

I cycled back from the school drop-off today dazed and dazzled by the beauty of these suburban streets, trying to drink it in through my pores.

I am doing my best to enjoy these dreamy days because, like so many other people, I have in fact been gripped by a gnawing fear – what is the future going to bring? Are we on the edge of a precipice? Beneath this thin veil of beauty is there really a beast waiting to gobble us all up?

But it’s my job to make sense of the times, to find a pattern and meanings that can help us move forward and so I have been thinking hard about the beast.

Any astrologer will tell you that we are in a time of momentous change – and we have been since 2008. I mentioned in previous posts that we are now stepping through a portal into the future. When Jupiter and Uranus turn direct and then move into Aries after Christmas, we will accelerate into our future.

Right now these two planets are still reversing through the last decanate of Pisces – that is the very last ten degrees of the Zodiac itself. Now obviously, Jupiter goes through Pisces every 12 years or so, and Uranus every 84, but I can’t find a time when they’ve done it together like this.

These ten degrees belong to Scorpio. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are also all in Scorpio right now.  Venus is in detriment and retrograde.

Scorpio is a deep sign. It’s about our deepest, darkest fears, desires and urges and combined with Pisces, it’s about those in a collective sense. In other words, Jupiter and Uranus are spending these months in part of the Zodiac which connects directly (it’s an open channel) to the collective unconscious.

Jupiter in Pisces. Buddha at
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Have you been dreaming lately?

Jupiter in Pisces is comfortable in its own sign – it’s the nocturnal ruler of Pisces. The planet of expansion is at it’s most compassionate here and most mysterious – think of a smiling Buddha. Jupiter is expanding the potential for all of us right now to dream. And I don’t mean dreams in the sense of hopes and wishes, pie in the sky – I mean what you do when you are sleeping. Those dreams may be telling you something important for you and for the collective.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is coming up to trining Jupiter, then Uranus. Write your dreams down, talk about them, paint them, explore them, think about them, analyse them. See if you can see a pattern or sequence.

These dreams are important and they may help you when we move into the brave new world that awaits.

If you are not a dreamer, try to pay attention to the deepest stirrings of your mind. What are your deepest feelings? Why are they? Take your feelings seriously.

Now Uranus is also going through this last Scorpio-flavoured decanate of Pisces. It is the planet of surprise and upset, revolution. Uranus is stirring up the soup of the collective unconscious is a way that hasn’t happened since the 1920s. But I will leave that for my next post…

We are all going to need all the help that we can get next year.

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Anonymous said:

I recently discovered your blog and find it exceptional. Thank you for your efforts!


Christina said:

Thank you.

After writing this piece about dreaming and the dreamlike weather, I find myself a few hours later, in the early hours, with the wind howling outside and having freshly woken from a dream. i dreamt that i should be writing romantic fiction under the pen name Monserrat Bridges. Hmmm.


Christina said:

oops I think that should be Montserrat.


Anonymous said:

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