Astrology of Now: Get Ready to Catch the Wave

November 8, 2010

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Hokusai’s Great Wave print (1831).

Watch the wave.

Water is pulled up into its belly. Some pushed forward from the ocean and some sucked backwards, pulled against the tide, across sand and shingle. The energy gathers. The wave grows – higher, stronger, faster – for a moment it seems to stand still. Then it crests and crash, falls, rushing to the shore.

The energy is gathering right now in the sky. Venus, Jupiter and Uranus are all pulling backwards and they are about to turn, so the holding energy is at full strength. The wave is growing in energy.

Venus is just going back into Libra for a few days before turning direct on November 19.
Examine your relationships and your bank balance.

Jupiter is at 23° Pisces where it will stay until going direct also on November 19.
How deep is your compassion – for yourself as well as the world?

Uranus is at 26° Pisces where it will stay until going direct on December 6.
How are you going to break free – and will you be part of change?

If everything seems to be standing still in your life right now, see it as an opportunity to prepare. Try to find that inner still point, focus and get ready to put your energy into surfing that big wave when it comes.

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Lachesis said:

What a powerful – and poetic – analogy for what’s happening right now. Everything feels so static, yet poised to explode who knows where.
For what it’s worth my last shockingly vivid dream included the revelation that Russell Brand was Jesus! I woke up not as surprised as I perhaps should have been. Wonder what’s in his chart…? Thanks for an interesting and insightful blog.


Christina said:

Wow – well. He certainly looks like a fantasy JC! I think that may be a perfect example of Neptune (dreams) in the sign of the common man (Aquarius) although RB is, of course, uncommonly handsome.


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