Lady Gaga vs Madonna

September 23, 2010

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Can you believe the shoes?

Lady Gaga has finally sauntered onto my middle-aged radar by wearing that outrageous dress. Wow – it’s punk and glam rock simultaneously! She’s got chutzpah.

Every generation has (at least) one – popstalala with ass and attitude. So it’s pretty obvious that Madonna and Gaga are versions of the same archetype. They love dressing up. Both are also Italian Americans (what is it about convent school), both shake their booty, both mistresses of the music video, both copy (sorry pay homage) to previous stars – oh and both sing tunes sometimes.

Above all, they are very very ambitious and successful image-makers.

So how do those planets stack up?

In fire signs, of course. Madonna’s a Leo Sun with Virgo Moon and Gaga is an Aries Sun with Scorpio Moon.

And here’s a really simple lesson in the difference between these two fire signs. Leo is the king of the Zodiac – dignified, executive, glorious. Have you ever seen a picture of Madonna looking anything other than groomed and gorgeous? And in charge, even as a boy toy. It’s a fixed sign too – and we all know how Madonna has always kept her eyes on the prize – in her case money and acclaim.

Even with the rocket-boobs,

Madonna looks like a queen.

Now Gaga often looks quite ugly (she’s not got Madonna’s good looks anyway) and sometimes just sordid. This must be a choice. She must not care about looking like sh*t occasionally, as long as it fits in with the Gaga message. Aries when it’s best expressed is pioneering, ground-breaking, brave. It’s the ultimate sign of the warrior. Once an Aries Sun gets the bit between her teeth, there are no limits.

Gaga says: “Just do it yourself, and don’t waste time trying to get a favor.” How Aries is that?

She strikes me, strangely, as far more intellectual than Madonna. I wish she’d quit it with the sex kitten shtick, though.

So what about those Moons? The Moon represents the instinctive side of a person’s character. They tell us about the bit you can’t help being. What you need to feel comfortable. Both Scorpio and Virgo are signs that seek perfection and both can be very critical.

Virgo is associated with craftsmanship. Madonna rehearses her routines to the nth degree I’m sure. But this can be quite surface stuff. What connects Madonna with the collective is the quantity of planets in the 12th house – aaand her Moon-Pluto-Mercury conjunction on the ascendant. Pluto is actually just about on the midpoint between her Sun and Moon.

Now, I don’t have Gaga’s birthtime, so no ascendant, but guess what, her Scorpio Moon is also conjunct Pluto. That’s intense. Scorpio is all about intensity and focus.

Some astrologers will tell you that Scorpio and Pluto are all about sex – but I think they’ve been reading too much Freud. There’s more to it than that. Pluto is about the dark side in all of us. It’s about our collective inner monsters.

So why is it that these queens of pop have an instinctive understanding of the collective darkness?

I wondered about this for a while. And here’s what I think. Both these women are HUNGRY. It’s seems to me – and you have to understand this is from the point of view of the audience not personal knowledge – that they share a hunger for recognition that can never be satisfied.

Pluto can symbolise a blockage, and conversely a vaccuum. There’s an emotional vaccuum in these livees that can only ever be filled by getting the attention of absolutely everyone.

And for the rest of us – the audience? These women embody an archteype – a monster of the predatory feminine, siren and harpie – alluring and fearsome. No wonder they appeal to teenage girls.

So thank you very much ladies for performing your roles so perfectly.



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Ice Cream For Quo said:

What about Kylie though?


Christina said:

Oh lord – do I have to think about her?

I think she’s a different female archetype – despite the golden hotpants, she is still the girl next door just a bit more so.


gawd_almighty said:

What they have in common is that they are both corporate creations who give the public what they want – they represent rebellion for teens, some kind of post-feminist liberation for women and lite porn for men. I’m a bit sick of all this media ‘deconstruction’ of what is so obviously (to me, anyway) just a way fabricating a zeitgeist to sell more product. If it was about the music, Christina Aguilera would be the big news, as she has a remarkable voice and real talent. But Lady Gaga takes off more clothes and is a bit weird, so the press focus on her and go on about her ’empowering’ young women, just as they used to do with Madonna. FFS, as they say.


Christina said:

@gawd – essentially I agree with you – especially the point that they are not empowering, possibly the opposite even. But those marketing people know when they are on to a good thing – and why do the public want this?. These ladies do represent some kind of archetype – hence the teenage appeal.

I blame that academic Camille Paglia who managed to make an entire career out of saying that Madonna was really culturally important.


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