Beginning at the beginning

July 13, 2010

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So you know you can cast a chart for just about anything. It’s just a diagram of the sky at a particular time – waiting to be interpreted. Naturally,  I thought I’d check the chart for this blog just as I launched it. And, guess what, astrology works. This chart was created at by the way.

The ascendant is exactly – to the minute – conjunct my Sun – pretty good symbolism for putting my head over the horizon. 

Uranus (astrology) is in the first house and conjunct Jupiter the planet of expansion and knowledge. So the first house tells us the subject of the blog. Jupiter is also lucky.  Now thinking about writing and communicating – where’s Mercury? In the 6th house of service, next to the Moon, which in this case symbolises the public surely. Mercury the messenger is approaching its audience. The Moon is just past new – good for beginnings – and nestled nicely between Mercury in Leo and Venus in Virgo. I guess I’d better try to be poetic and artistic (Venus) as well as having something to say. Well I hope I’m going to have some luscious pictures on here. I’m a great believer in visual symbolism. In which case, where’s my planet of illusion and photography, Neptune? Over there in there sitting comfortably in its own house (12) projecting images onto the Moon perhaps.

 I see that Virgoan Venus is exactly trine Pluto in the 10th. Should I worry? Well, I have a tendency to look on the bright side so we’ll leave it there for now.

Hey, wait a minute. Is this going to be fun – or all hard work with that busy 6th house? I’m going to take that Cancer Sun in the 5th as fun at home – and Mercury and the Moon in Leo in the 6th as fun at work. 

How good a start is that? La di da


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NR said:

My first blog post was also about my blog’s chart 🙂

It has my Sun conjunct the blog’s ASC, but from the 12th, one degree orb!


Christina said:

No kidding!

Well – I love your blog, so that is very auspicious

Thanks for making me come back and look at this chart again, by the way.

Very useful.


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