The OA horoscopes are published on the first day of each month. They include a 1000 word essay for each sign, plus a digest of the important aspects of the month, and charts of the New and Full Moons.

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Arthur Rackham's illustration for Comus by John Milton

Arthur Rackham’s illustration for Comus by John Milton


These scopes are designed to help you choose when to grab the ribbon of destiny as it unfurls through the month ahead – and when to let it drop, so they include specific dates and a digest of the important transits of the month.


The OA scopes are written in an intense burst in the week leading up to the first of the month, so the words are imbued with the essence of the time.


The aim of these horoscopes is to open your imagination to the possibilities of the month ahead, to show you ways to make your own associations and to think and feel the symbolic language of astrology.


Accurate horoscopes are all about handing power over to you, the reader, because they are a sharing of knowledge that used to be a guarded secret.


You will already know from looking at the rest of the site that the visual is as important as the verbal here. The pictures are never just decorative, instead they should be taken as part of the horoscope, sometimes they comment on the content and sometimes they complement it. No other horoscope does this.

Welcome to the monthly horoscopes.

Remember to read both your rising sign and your Sun sign. To find your rising sign, use the program on astro.com.

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April Horoscopes: Sagittarius through Pisces

The long station of Venus at the end of Pisces may recharge the love goddess’ batteries for the rest of the year.

April Horoscopes: Leo through Scorpio

The Full Moon on April 11 makes lovers or fighters of us all, with Uranus on one side of the ring and Jupiter on the other.

April Horoscopes: Aries through Cancer

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde this month.

March 2017: Aspects & Lunations

Venus retrogrades and Mercury races into the future, rattling some cages at the same time.

March Horoscopes: Leo through Scorpio

Another montho furioso, but April sees a real slowdown, so hang in there.

March Horoscopes: Aries through Cancer

With the planet of love turning her back on us this month, it’s time to contemplate our inner Venuses.

March Horoscopes: Sagittarius through Pisces

With the Sun in Pisces but Mars in Aries, this month will start with a head of steam.

February Horoscopes: Sagittarius through Pisces

The solar eclipse will be spectacular: visible from southern South America and southern Africa.

February Horoscopes: Leo through Scorpio

The first eclipse of the month is in Leo and promises to accelerate change.

February Horoscopes: Aries through Cancer

Mars in fiery Aries dominates the skies this month, with Venus close behind him.

February 2017: Aspects and Eclipses

Two eclipses and a raging Mars through February….

2017 Overview

A free book for subscribers only containing a brief description of the active energies in the year ahead.

January Horoscopes 2017: Sagittarius through Pisces

Both Venus and Mars will be in Pisces for much of the month, making waves and singing siren songs.

January Horoscopes 2017: Leo through Scorpio

The astonishing line up of outer planets in January starts the year off on a busy, yet positive note.

January 2017: Aries through Cancer

An astonishingly active Full Moon in Cancer on January 12 has the whole Solar System busy.

December Horoscopes: Sagittarius through Pisces

The final ten days of the month show an extraordinary configuration with Venus playing a pivotal role.

December Horoscopes: Leo through Scorpio

Mercury goes retrograde, Uranus turns direct: everyone makes nice.

December Horoscopes: Aries through Cancer

Astrologically, it’s a very active month, with a host of planets making very tight aspects.

November 2016: Sagittarius through Pisces

Neptune turns direct in Pisces, opening a sluice gate somewhere in your life.

November 2016: Leo through Scorpio

The clash between Jupiter and Pluto this month will touch each of our lives slightly differently.

November 2016: Aries through Cancer

All systems are running smoothly this month, so you should truly be able to get some stuff done.

October: Aspects and Lunations

We have two New Moons in October. One on the very first day and one just before Halloween.

October Horoscopes: Sagittarius through Pisces

Bam! Mars and Pluto are joining forces this month, so everyone should take note.

October Horoscopes: Aries through Cancer

A month of fire and romance.

October Horoscopes: Leo through Scorpio

It’s time to start implementing your action plan for the year of Jupiter in Libra.